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Statutory Sick Pay

The Sick Leave Act 2022 came into force from 1 January 2023.

The new legislation gives both part time and full time employees the right to a minimum period of paid leave if they become sick or sustain an injury that makes them unfit for work.

Employees will be entitled to a rate of 70% of usual daily earnings up to €110 a day for three days.

  • Employees must have completed 13 weeks’ continuous service before availing of statutory sick leave.
  • The employee must provide their employer with a certificate from a registered medical practitioner and the certificate must state that the employee named is unfit to work due to their illness or injury.
  • The leave must be in relation to a day or days when an employee would ordinarily work but is incapable of working due to illness or injury.
  • The leave can be taken on consecutive days or non-consecutive days.

Additionally, once the entitlement to statutory sick pay from the employer ends, employees who haven’t recovered and are still unfit to return to work may qualify for illness benefit.

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