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Why Us?

Thinking of changing Accountant? It is easier than you think.

  • Are your current Accountants available to you when you need them? 
  • Are your calls returned within a reasonable timeframe? 
  • Do your current Accountants value you and your business as a client? 
  • Are promises, expectations and agreed deadlines not met? 
  • Perhaps you feel a lack of personal chemistry and rapport? 
  • Are you informed of new developments that affect you in respect of taxation and opportunities?


A new accountant may have new ideas to help your business and possibly make savings.

“Setting up my business after moving back from the UK, I initially contracted the services of a different accountant, but after a meeting with Sheila I soon realised that my business was not structured correctly. A quick and seamless switch to Moran McNamara was the best move I made; accounting, business and tax planning/advice second to none. Sheila, Declan and all the team are a pleasure to deal with and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

You can change Accountants at any time! You don’t have to wait until the year end.

Moran McNamara are proactive and approachable and work hard to ensure your business thrives in the most tax efficient way..

Call Sheila and Declan on 071 9671524 to find out more.